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Advantages of Rubber Rollers

Advantages of Rubber Rollers

Rubber rollers are used because of the elastic characteristics that rubber possesses, which are unmatched by any other metal. Rubber rollers are used because of the elastic characteristics that rubber possesses, which are unmatched by any other metal. The roller can stretch and return to its original shape, which makes it ideal for use in the hair.

Because of this, rubber rollers are able to grip the hair without causing damage or breaking the hair. This makes rubber rollers a much safer option than their plastic counterparts. Corrosion, scratching, denting, and cracking are all common occurrences for metals in general. These events are common for all types of metals.

The most affordable option, rubber rollers provide all the same benefits as metal rollers without the high initial cost. These benefits include increased roller longevity, a unique feel when rolling, and a physical and mental boost. The only real disadvantage of rubber rollers is their inability to withstand high volumes of ink, which can cause the rubber to break over time. This can be prevented by only rolling in small batches, or by periodically replacing your rollers.

Rubber Rollers are most cost effective while offering increased roller longevity and physical and mental unique mechanical properties like 

Surface with a high coefficient of friction:

Under clean and dry conditions, the coefficient of friction between steel surfaces is between 0.5 and 0.8. A similar value of 0.45 is obtained when aluminium is compared to steel. Rubber, on the other hand, has a coefficient of friction ranging from 0.6 to 1.2 for diverse materials, making it an ideal lining material for transporting very delicate manufacturing processes such as coated and laminated goods. When transporting objects in a non-level plane, a high coefficient of friction can propel material and/or prevent items from sliding.

No burrs from scratches and tears: 

Harder materials are easily scraped by metals. These scratches can cause burrs on the roller’s surface, which can damage products while in use. Due to the covering of rubber on rollers this defends the metal core from damage. In comparison to the sharp burrs from a scratched metal, any damage to the surface of the rubber is not as damaging to operation.

Resists deformation from impacts: 

As rubber have elasticity, they tend to have good impact strength than any other material. They can quickly absorb energy and disperse it across a broader region while maintaining their original structure. This avoids indentations and scratches on the roller’s surface, which might cause it to fail prematurely.

Better chemical resistance:

Rubber can be exposed to different chemicals. As long as you pick the right type of rubber, it can survive conditions that other types cannot withstand. By completely wrapping the roller core, by doing this it will put a stop to the corrosion of the metal surface that causes the permanent damage to the roller. The famous option for a metal roller to hold out against the chemical attacks is to use stainless steel which is considerably more expensive than rubber linings.


Since the rubber linings hold the most of the destruction throughout the operations, the rigid roller core is protected with no structural damage. The roller core can effortlessly be serviced by detaching and replacing the used rubber lining. Due to this the life of the roller and the whole equipment increases. It will also hold back the costly repairs like replacing the whole roller or cylinder.

Why Choose Anar Rubber ?

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